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Agricultural & Farm Security

An area where CCTV is becoming more of a requirement is within the agricultural industry. During recent times we have completed a number installations installing CCTV on farms and in hen sheds / chicken sheds to monitor livestock and production.

Farmers are constantly on the go at all hours of the day checking on livestock during calving and lambing. CCTV installed in calving and lambing sheds enables farmers to view their livestock remotely from a live view monitor or via their smart phones and tablets saving them valuable time when they need it.

If you are a farmer and need any advice on how CCTV could help you please get in touch.

CCTV for Lambing Sheds / CCTV for Calving Sheds

Often referred to as “Calving Cameras” or “Lambing Cameras” we have vast experience installing CCTV in pens or awkward areas to cover all angles where livestock put themselves. Having CCTV within lambing and calving sheds provides farmers with that quick reassurance while allowing them to carry out with other jobs.

Mobile Phone Notifications

We can setup CCTV systems for detecting moving objects in and around areas of farms that area protected with our cameras.

The most common method being “Line Crossing”. We apply a trip wire in an agreed location on the cameras image meaning if anyone or anything moves through it then a notification will be sent directly to your mobile app along with several images.

Theses notifications can be placed on schedules and become active at desired times of the day only.

There is no annual subscription cost when using the Hik-Connect remote viewing app.

One of the team getting her photo taken with one of our customers during lambing time 2019 thanks to Mike & Hannah at Anthorn Farm in Cumbria.